1. Uwharrie Record Lows

    October 2nd, 2007 the Uwharrie was reduced to a trickle

  2. Endgame Swindle

    building a fortress

  3. Fishing Memories

    on Stanly County and Montgomery County water

  4. B-25 Crash in Badin Lake

    June 8th, 1944

  5. Falls Dam

    a canoe trip October 5th, 2020

  6. Falls Reservoir

    a canoe trip September 22nd, 2020

  7. Red Dots

    Before their tints had faded

  8. Sandy Koufax

    An unforgettable baseball game in 1966

  9. Water Power

    A close encounter with a near death experience

  10. A New Web Order

    Static websites, gulp and github

  11. Nivo Slider

    Keeping the size of webpages low.

  12. Virtual Private Server

    The struggles to setup Apache2.4 and related software

  13. More C Programming

    Docinfo, it counts.

  14. C Programming

    An example of the lovely C programming language.

  15. Low Water Event

    Lake Tillery Drained 2001, Flood Gate Testing

  16. Family Sites

    A Google map created to record important locations in my family history.

  17. Dickville School

    An argument for the location of the Dickville School. Gone since the early 1920s, it was once inside what is now Morrow Mountain State Park.

  18. Ford - Edison

    One of the Ford-Edison camping trips of the early 20th century was rumored to have traveled through Stanly County.

  19. Enigma 1884

    The infamous tornado outbreak of 1884 swept up the Pee Dee and Uwharrie. The Kirk Inn was destroyed. Ellen Austin Lowder was injured and died a few days later at the Kron family homesite.

copyright Phil W. Lowder