• Virtual Private Server

    The struggles to setup Apache2.4 and related software

  • PHP Script

    a hidden resource of the web

  • Drexel Declaration

    Mid Century Modern

  • More C Programming

    Docinfo, it counts.

  • C Programming

    An example of the lovely C programming language.

  • Page Speed

    My suggestions for improving web page performance.

  • Narrows Dam

    The dam and powerhouse on the Yadkin River turn 100 years old in 2017.

  • Low Water Event

    Lake Tillery Drained 2001, Flood Gate Testing

  • Family Sites

    A Google map created to record important locations in my family history.

  • PHP Pagination

    the code and instructions for creating website pagination.

  • Beside the Yadkin

    a picture beside the Yadkin in Morrow Mountain State Park.

  • Out of Control Burn

    Pictures and comments describing the burning of mountain laurel in Morrow Mountain State Park.

  • Park Entrance April 2016

    Spring picture of Morrow Mountain State Park entrance.

  • Dickville School

    An argument for the location of the Dickville School. Gone since the early 1920s, it was once inside what is now Morrow Mountain State Park.

  • Ford - Edison

    One of the Ford-Edison camping trips of the early 20th century was rumored to have traveled through Stanly County.

  • Enigma 1884

    The infamous tornado outbreak of 1884 swept up the Pee Dee and Uhwarrie. The Kirk Inn was destroyed. Ellen Austin Lowder was injured and died a few days later at the Kron family homesite.

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