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More C Programming

May 30th, 2019

Doc Info

I met Scott Dittmer in the Sumter/Shaw Computer Club about 1989. He was a student at Sumter Tech. We shared a desire to learn all we could about PCs. At that time, I think we understood well each file of the computers OS. That ended with Windows.

When I bought a copy of QuickC, Scott had a program he wanted to create. Scott named it Docinfo. It counted pages, form feeds, lines, words and characters in a text file. Scott wrote Docinfo.txt to explain the usage.

Below are three screen shots of the program running in DOSBox on my PC a few days ago. Old MS-DOS programs will run on Windows using this virtual MS-DOS.

The Project Gutenberg complete works of Mark Twain is a roughly 16 megabyte text file Twain Text. Docinfo took just less than 3 minutes while running in DosBox on my computer. My 9 year old PC runs Win10 64bit with an Intel Core i5 650 @ 3.20GHz. I don't know if Docinfo could generate results faster with a faster PC. It seems fast enough.

Install DOSBox and use Docinfo.exe. You can download the source code, make alterations, and if you like, compile a new executable.

screen shot of opening scree
Opening Screen
screen shot of program after input
Screen after input and program running. It has a spinner to show it is active.
screen shot of program after input
Program finished.
copyright Phil W. Lowder