imagemap unidentified unidentified Vera Lowder Annie Fesperman unidentified unidentified Effie Lowder unidentified unidentified unidentified unidentified Shellie Kirk Reed Fesperman Elzie Lowder Nishie Clodfelter Guy Miller John Dennis Barney Dennis Kronie Lowder Carrie Dennis Lottie Martin Smith Ester Fesperman Ethel Lowder Minnie Dennis Fannie Dennis Mandy Fesperman Floyd Clodfelter Holly Dick Will Lowder Mark Fesperman

The picture, names and the dates are from Alberta Lowder Boggan's book Our Children's Heritage.

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Circa - 1905

Front row (l to r) 1. Guy Miller, 2. Nishie Clodfelter, 3. Elzie Lowder, 4. Reed Fesperman, 5. Shellie Kirk, 6-9 unidentified, 10. Effie Lowder, 11-12 unidentified 13. Annie Fesperman, 14. Vera Lowder (sitting in forefront), 15-16 unidentified,

Second row (l to r) 1. Mark Fesperman, 2. Will Lowder, 3. Holly Dick, 4. Floyd Clodfelter, 5. Mandy Fesperman, 6. Fannie Dennis, 7. Minnie Dennis, 8. Ethel Lowder, 9. Ester Fesperman, 10. Lottie Martin Smith (teacher), 11. Carrie Dennis, 12. Kronie Lowder, 13. Barney Dennis, 14. John Dennis


Relationship of some of the children in the photo:
by Jane Hartsell Brown

Children of David Tillman Lowder: Will Lowder, Kronie Lowder, & Ethel Lowder

Children of Ben F Lowder (& grandchildren of David Tillman Lowder): Elzie Lowder, Effie Lowder, & Vera Lowder.

Children of Sara Josephine Lowder & Harris Dennis (& grandchildren of David Tillman Lowder): Fannie Dennis, Minnie Dennis, Carrie Dennis, Barney Dennis, & John Dennis

Children of Alfred & Emily Russell Clodfelter: Nishie Clodfelter & Floyd Clodfelter

Emily Russell Clodfelter and Ann Eliza Russell Lowder (wife of Ben F Lowder) were sisters - making Nishie & Floyd Clodfelter first cousins to Ben F Lowder’s children.

Teacher, Lottie Martin Smith later became the second wife of Ben F Lowder in 1918.

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