Uwharrie River Badin Lake Falls Dam Booger Hollow Road Uwharrie River April 24, 2008 Boat Rental 11/3/2011 Uwharrie River 4/24/2008 Uwharrie River 1/28/2008 Stanly County field Low Water Bridge Alcoa Narrows Dam
Uwharrie River (47.7 KB) - April 24th, 2008
Badin Lake drought (40.9 KB) - October 22, 2007
Falls Dam (36.5 KB) - February 22nd, 2005
Boogar Hollar Rd. (48.5 KB) - October 25th, 2012
Canoe on Uwharrie River (58.2 KB) - April 24th, 2008
Boat Rental (57.1 KB)- November 3rd, 2011
Uwharrie River beside UNF Road 555 (65 KB) - January 28th, 2008
Uwharrie River shoal (61.6 KB) - April 24th, 2008
Field near Valley Drive and Hwy 24-27 (32.1 KB) - June 10th, 2005
Low Water Bridge (57.3 KB) - October 13th, 2010
Alcoa (52.5 KB)- October 23rd, 2003
Narrows Dam (45.1 KB) - March 21st, 2005
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