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Pagination Helper v1.0

I've written a PHP script to populate the links in a Bootstrap pagination bar. There is a working example above.

How To Use the Script

  1. Download the zip file containing the script and a working example.

  2. Include Bootstrap's CSS code in each file to be linked.

  3. Include the PHP script in each file to be linked.

  4. Numbering
    • Files to be linked from the navigation bar must be in a single folder and have consecutively numbered basenames beginning with 01.
    • The basename pattern is *[0-9][0-9] so the numbers are in the last two positions of the basenames.
    • After this is set up and working, the script will update the navbar anytime you add a new file.
  5. The default script requires files with a .php extension. I've included alternate scripts for .htm and .html extensions. Using those will require changing your .htaccess file to run html files as .php.

If you have questions or comments please contact me: Phil W. Lowder